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About Us

Niltoni Creative  is an innovative and creative team. We specialise in producing and creating commercials, broadcast television, and providing expert creative direction. we also have PR and Creative services for various clients.

We also have a team of experienced artists and creators who are passionate about delivering unique and groundbreaking work. Our team strives to break through creative blocks and create something truly remarkable.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of creativity and continually strive to uncover the creative genius within each of us.

For any more information feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Niltoni Creative is a trading name of Niltoni Studios Ltd  

The Team

The core team at Niltoni Creative  is composed of creative professionals from all backgrounds. From creative directors to producers and animators our team is dedicated to bringing innovative and creative solutions to our clients. With expertise in commercial production, broadcast television, and creative direction, Niltoni Creative is the go-to destination for brands looking to take their projects to the next level.

Our team is passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity, staying ahead of the curve, and producing unique and captivating content that resonates with audiences. From crafting award-winning campaigns to developing ground-breaking platforms, the Niltoni Creative  team is dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional work that brings their ideas to life.

Craig Wilde
Filipe Robero

Craig Wilde is a highly experienced Creative Director, with over 25 years of experience across various domains like digital, brand, events, and advertising. He is the founder of Niltoni Creative.

Craig is also a talented voice actor and leads the voice agency division of Niltoni. He has lent his voice to many projects, including commercials, corporate videos, and documentaries.

Senior Producer and partner in Niltoni Creative, his work has encompassed 3D, Graphic design, branding, product design, video, photography, droning and animation. His portfolio is diverse and direct. It takes him all over Europe and the USA. In the downtime, Filipe takes his time to capture his locations and moments, from beachside to cityscape, from food to people.



Chris Davis, Photographer, fashion, portrait photography

Having spent several years shooting model folios for agencies across the uk and overseas, Chris now shoots for fashion & portrait clients worldwide.

Published in GQ, Vogue Portugal, New York Times, Forbes, Marie Claire, Grazia, Attitude, Homme Style & The Guardian among others, Chris’s imagery ranges from bold, high contrast and sculptural uses of light, to more subtle timeless looks, which show his love of Cinematography.

“I've always enjoyed making and creating things since I can remember, I was lucky enough to have grown up around artists, and I still love to surround myself with creative people. I draw inspiration from a wide range of media, including music, film, paintings, digital artists and most importantly my clients themselves.”


For more than 20 years Jo Leversuch, Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Columnist, Brand Ambassador and Tv Presenter has been an influential figure in Fashion, Media and Style. Her passion and expertise led to Jo crossing paths with International Celebrity make-up artist, Ariane Poole who was her mentor plus being part of Val Garland School Of Make-up.  

Jo has worked alongside Val Garland, Lisa Eldridge, Miranda Joyce, Isamaya Ffrench, Andrew Gallimore,Neil Young, Laura Dominique, Jo Foster, Ciara O'Shea, Naoko Scintu, Margo Holder to name but a few.  She has worked on editorial for Vogue ITNoctis, Two, Draft, HUF, Jute, Look, Now, 1883 Magazine.​  MORE INFO...

Make up artist, collumnist, brand ambassador, tv presenter,entrepreneur

Oliver William Smith

Oliver smith, writer, director, photography,

Oliver William Smith is a writer-director from the North East. The Great, Great Grandson of a circus ringmaster and the son of a travelling showman, the magic of putting on a show drew him to the theatre at an early age, but it was the moving image that eventually consumed his imagination. 

Oliver began his career as a Director of Photography and Editor for a documentary company, winning two RTS Awards for “Best Non-Broadcast Factual Programme”. His short film “Kiss Chase” was a finalist in the Virgin Media Shorts online competition and screened at Hackney Picture House as part of London short film festival before rolling out to cinemas nationwide. His short film “Spider & Fly: Private Eye” was a top ten finalist in the short film competition and screened at the BFI Southbank as part of LSFF. His debut feature VERVE was nominated at the London Independent Film Awards 2016 under the banner of his production company Ambitious Motion Pictures. Oliver is a semi-finalist of the ISA comedy screenplay competition and placed in the top 10% of the BBC writers room 2022.

Inspired by Shakespeare, Spielberg, and Slapstick. Oliver makes films where art and entertainment meet.


Andy Miller has been a driving force in the Licensed Leisure, and Hospitality & Drinks Industry for more than 25 years, from Sales Manager and Brand Lead for some of the most famous Drinks brands in the market, to developing Bars, Restaurants, Clubs and Hotels for some of the most well known operators. In the last decade he has gone on to develop his own Boutique Bars, Restaurants and Hotels.

Andy Miller, licence leisure, hospitaliy, drinks, sales manager, brand leader, hotels


Josta Wood International Model, Stylist, influencer, tv presenter

Josta Wood, is an International Model, Stylist, Influencer and Tv Presenter. For the last ten years Josta has delivered high fashion to high street looks and creative for some of the largest brands in the UK.  As a Social Media Influencer,  Josta is constantly presenting Fashion and Luxury lifestyle edits ... Her insight, expertise and warm genuine personality is authentic and full of charisma. Niltoni Artists are delighted to be working with her...

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