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We Vox Global are a full service Voice Agency; from Casting your production, to voicing with our world class voices in our state of the art studios;  Whatever your project , be it Corporate communications, Video Games, Multilingual, Film, Tv, Games, Childrens, Apps .. Wherever there is a need for a voice, We Vox Global deliver the results you need to get your message across. 

Casting & Production

Identifying the right voice for a role or project is a minefield, with thousands of voices to choose from, and so many Freelancers and 'enthusiastic Amateurs'  entering the Voice Over marketplace - We Vox Global are here to cast the net wide to ensure your production has the best quality voice professional for the role, working to  your brief and budget.
Quality matters, and whether it's an Audio Book for Pre-schoolers or a Commercial for Carpet Cleaner, Infomercial on Legal services or a Video Game requiring Elves and Dragons... Our Casting Agents are your 'first ears'  for identifying the right talent for your production.


Studios, Engineering and Soundtrack

Broadcast requires Pro Studios, and whether its a  Animated Feature Film, Tv or Radio Commercial; orVideo Game or a Corporate Video that demands Hollywood Production Values. We Vox Global have established a network of Pro Studio Partners that offer  World Class studio facilities, to ensure your sound is recorded, engineered and mastered to the highest Broadcast standards, by talented Engineers and Producers with a pedigree of success.
If your production requires Sound effects, Original Music compostion or high quality library tracks , We Vox Global   can deliver that too, with a global network of composers and Libraries at our disposal.
Translation & Copy Writing

Working with our Global partnership of accredited Linguists around the world, we can ensure that you get accurate, fluid, native translations that perfectly  deliver your localised message.
Developing your ideas into a cohesive message requires expert skills, our Team of Copywriters and 'Wordsmiths' will work with you to craft your message eloquantly!


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