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About Us

Our company services clients in over 33 Countries Worldwide and counts some of the worlds largest organisations as its clients. Tv, Film, Video Games, Education, Commercials, Corporate Explainer, Telephony to Localisation  in UK English or up to 30  languages. NILTONI: VOICE  have a proven track record in providing world class Voice Solutions.


Our global network of Voice Actors can deliver from Home Studios or ISDN Pro Studios, giving our  clients the best solutions for their budget and creative demands. 


Our company combines an informed global perspective with great voices, personal service, great people... Our clients trust that 'when our voices speak, people listen!™'.


We will help you provide world-class talent for all your voice-over needs. With an expansive roster of professional voice actors, Niltoni Voice has the perfect voice for any project. All of their voice actors have been carefully chosen for their unique skills, experience, and range, giving you access to the highest quality voice talent in the industry. Niltoni Voice ensures that you get the perfect voice for your project, every time.

Take a look at all of our actors below.


Casting & Production

Identifying the right voice for a role or project is a minefield, with thousands of voices to choose from, and so many Freelancers and 'enthusiastic Amateurs' entering the Voice Over marketplace - Niltoni Voice are here to cast the net wide to ensure your production has the best quality voice professional for the role, working to your brief and budget.
Quality matters, and whether it's an Audio Book for Pre-schoolers or a Commercial for Carpet Cleaner, Infomercial on Legal services or a Video Game requiring Elves and Dragons. Our Casting Agents are your 'first ears'  for identifying the right talent for your production.
Keyboard, Sound design, Microphone, Voice Over, Voice Acting
Directors Chair film and movies
Studios, Engineering and Soundtrack

Broadcast requires Pro Studios, and whether it's a  Animated Feature Film, Tv, Radio Commercial, Video Game or a Corporate Video that demands Hollywood Production Values. Niltoni Voice have established a network of Pro Studio Partners that offer World Class studio facilities, to ensure your sound is recorded, engineered and mastered to the highest Broadcast standards, by talented Engineers and Producers with a pedigree of success.
If your production requires Sound effects, Original Music composition or high quality library tracks, Niltoni Voice can deliver that too, with a global network of composers and Libraries at our disposal.
Translation & Copy Writing

Working with our Global partnership of accredited Linguists around the world, we can ensure that you get accurate, fluid, native translations that perfectly  deliver your localised message.
Developing your ideas into a cohesive message requires expert skills, our Team of Copywriters and 'Wordsmiths' will work with you to craft your message eloquantly!

Translation, copywriting, linguistics


E learning, education, voice overs, educational content

Our team of professional voice-over actors is highly experienced and can create recordings that are clear and crisp, perfect for eLearning courses. we have an in-depth understanding of the eLearning industry, and are familiar with the different types of content needed for successful eLearning projects. Their team is dedicated to ensuring that the recordings produced are of the highest quality, and that the customer's goals are met.


Niltoni Voice is committed to delivering top notch service and providing customers with optimal results.

Audio Books 

For thousands of years people have told stories, the art of the Storyteller is not just in the words, but the telling.  Finding a great voice to bring your book to life in the minds eye of the listener, from Fantasy Fiction to Ancient History, Natural Science to Childrens stories; We Vox Global have the voices to make your words be heard as you would have them told. Our Voices are produced by experienced Engineers in Pro Studios, delivering your book 'Publisher Ready' so your book can be with your listeners in the time it takes to turn the page.


NILTONI :VOICE  were formerly QVox, this is the story of how Q met VOX, a Fairytale demonstrating just a handful of the vocal talents available with our Agency.  Recorded in our own Studio facilites and Engineered by one of our partners - the story is a light hearted exposition of our passion for the human voice and the stories we tell.

Poem written by We Vox Global


From Pre-School learning APPs to Talking books, Cartoons, Video Games or Classic Toys, getting the right voice for your project, that can communicate directly  with your audience is essential. Our casting team work closely with our clients to ensure your projects have the right voice(s) with the right characterisation skills to bring your script to life.  


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